The path to transformation begins with “YOU”.
On this path, your experience is the best teacher.
I’ll just help you connect to yourself.

-Shanu Goyal

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To embark on a spiritual journey is it necessary to first come face to face with self. No one starts this journey without any wound. A wounded person often stops and asks, “Why Me? ”. In this state, he is oftenpulled by the higher forces to begin a search for the answers that he seeks. When the desire in this seeker reaches the peak, his spiritual journey starts.The first step is often the most difficult one as one has to peel the layers of the wounds one by one. To do so, one has to relive the pain, be friend the pain, understand it and then release the pain.


After the person receives healing, some shift occurs, some doors open, according to the highest good of that person. Light starts entering thus removing the blockages which were more mental less physical. Gradually the overall well-being improves.In this state,one makes a conscious choice to stay on the path or to leave it after getting healed. Mostly, people who get healed themselves are the ones who now have a desire to begin their inner transformation. They just want to stay on the path so that they don’t go back to square one again.


Spiritual evolution means embracing qualities or virtues that not only makes you humane but also embracing the Divinity that was always within you, melting and becoming one with it so that you and Divine become one. This could sound a bit like an ego game but it isn’t as the evolution doesn’t happen in a day. It takes years of your dedication, sincerity and commitment. Here, ‘’self’’ completely disappears or can say it merges with the Divine. Now, what your body sees is all Divine. You become Divine after shedding everything which is other than Divine.


Quick Learnings


Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It’s also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

EFT tapping has roots in the 1970s when several doctors began stimulating acupressure points to help their patients deal with stress, fear, and phobias. One of them, patented by Dr. Roger Callahan, is called Thought Field Therapy


People who struggle with the concept of forgiveness– both for themselves and for others– often find comfort in a deeply healing age-old practice that comes from Hawai’i. The beautiful Hawaiian teaching for Forgiveness is called “Ho’oponopono” (pronounced HO-oh-Po-no-Po-no).

This ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness functions as both a communication concept for reconciliation and a tool for restoring self-love and balance.


In this world today there are many physical and non-physical energies that are searching for an energy source to attach to for nourishment, and if we don’t protect ourselves, we could unknowingly pick up entities and energies that get sucked into our auras and drain us, making us feel tired, unmotivated, depressed and exhausted. If the aura is weak or not protected, it’s easier for these energies to lock into us, and possibly cause negative influences in our lives.


The whole cosmos is within us. We have to only nurture our mind to store this energy. If we can concentrate and store this energy, it can catapult itself into a huge kinetic cosmic energy which can remove clogging from our vascular system, improve blood circulation and generate positive energy in us. This cosmic energy can play an anti-oxidant and help us reduce stress and depression. We have to open the window of our soul to see it.


Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, animals, and things.

Auras are all about energy, as we go about living our lives, we can pick up energy from other people and the outside world, making us feel off and ungrounded. This is where aura cleansing comes into play, which, as its name suggests, is about cleaning your aura of other energies that are not your own.


Magic has been defined as "the science and art of causing changes to occur in conformity with will." What this means isthat conflict occurs when people are not living their true will. The purpose in learning magic is to discover that true will (not necessarily desire) and then live it.

Audio Sessions

For the outstation people who are working and couldn’t manage to come for long duration at our center, we have programs that are through the audio sessions which are pre-recorded. These sessions contain commentaries, meditations and also sometimes ways and means to fix up day to day problems through spiritual disciplines. The remedial measures, tools and techniques all have an in-depth explanation, background information, step by step implementation, all at a slow pace. All guidance and support is given, all queries solved.

These sessions have so much of the information which is not possible to be given in a one day workshop. Also, people learn through one-on-one programs and go back home but do not internalize the conceptual knowledge. Therefore, these audio sessions are very handy and a person can come back to these learnings as and when required from the comfort of the home. These are better than the online sessions in a way that these doesn’t have any constraint of time and network connection.

Lots of programs, meditations, ceremonies and rituals are thus being offered through these audio sessions.

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