Sometimes you can be too close to an issue or problem to see clearly what is at the root cause of it.It is only when you know the root cause that you can address it appropriately. Reiki and Tarot Center offers spiritual consultations which convey message that bring clarity two current issues or challenges and closure to unresolved issues. Sometimes a person superficially hovers around a problem and fails to understand the crux of it. For example, if there is a pain in your knee, you take any painkiller to suppress the pain but it would come again after few days. most likely you are dealing with it superficially just through the symptoms. But chances are that you are always carrying some old resentments and you are carrying those in your knee. Once you release these resentments that you so deeply store against someone, the knee heels completely and that too without any medicine. now you address the issue correctly as you reach to the root cause. Our problems/issues come up due to so many causes and these maybe karmic, may be related to past life, can be emotional, can also be due to unseen forces that sometime create havoc, they could also be because of the attachments to things, places or people. These attachments then become a source of energy exchange - - and with whom/what you are attached. These are sometimes called as the cords of attachment.
At reiki and tarot center we offer consultations through various tools and techniques.

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