Once the inner transformation begins, the way of life changes, metamorphosis occurs and the butterfly is ready to fly. When one looks back one finds a sort of dissonance in what one was and what one has become. Your likes and dislikes change. Your five senses automatically start rejecting the outside stimuli which is not for your highest good. What is not serving you anymore starts going away from you. You have ‘’rebirthed’’. Though this process is an ongoing one and happens in phases but once the complete metamorphosis occurs, acceptance for further transformation becomes easy.

One cannot say when transformation ends and when a person’s spiritual evolution begins as nothing ends and nothing begins. Every happens simultaneously, hand in hand. There seems no line of demarcation.

Spiritual evolution means embracing qualities or virtues that not only makes you humane but also embracing the Divinity that was always within you, melting and becoming one with it so that you and Divine become one. This could sound a bit like an ego game but it isn’t as the evolution doesn’t happen in a day. It takes years of your dedication, sincerity and commitment. Here, ‘’self’’ completely disappears or can say it merges with the Divine. Now, what your body sees is all Divine. You become Divine after shedding everything which is other than Divine. Here, in this stage there descends a sense of Oneness or Madness ( which the world may relate to), with no attachment, no ownership, no relationship. Just one relationship exists- Yours with the Divine. So, you see only Divine in everyone, Divine in every bit and particle.In this stage you shed your karmic baggage pretty fast. Chances are that you face more struggles, you experience several illnesses but everything is so beautifully aligned that it passes very smoothly, without your knowing. The phase becomes smooth as you are always merged with the Divine.

When you’re in the evolving phase, which will continue till you continue your journey in this lifetime, you feel an extreme urge to give and give. This is the time when you can learn the therapies yourself and extend your services to others. You may learn earlier too when you are in your transformational phase but the urge to give comes mostly when you are in evolutionary phase, when you would dedicatedly like to serve others in whatever way you can.

At Reiki and Tarot Center, we are selective in teaching /training students. We need to have wonderful, compassionate teachers to have a secure world around us. Those students who start their journey as wounded healers better understand pain of others.

  • They first heal themselves
  • Then they transform themselves
  • Then they evolve…

To become wonderful compassionate teachers who teach with their heart. They are the ones who bring wisdom and authenticity to the existing healing modalities. My doors are always open for such wonderful beings who will be source of strength and light who will carry the teachings forward ethically with compassion, sincerity and purity.Only this is the vision of Reiki and Tarot Center.