29 May 2022


POWER OBJECTS: Any object that we use with intention for a specific purpose. A power object is an object created through intention and prayer. It can manifest as a crystal, drum or rattle, to work with throughout the course of a lifetime and then potentially passed down to the next generation. A crystal with the amount of energy that is invested by both - the person who has it and Spirit, becomes an extremely potent power object.The spirit within the power object generally needs to be honored in some fashion as it is sacred. Since long I've been communicating with my power objects and working in partnership with their Spirit. Sometimes I'm also guided to pass them over to others who are willing to honour them and work with them. If anyone is interested to know more about these, WhatsApp me. I have so much to share with those who're sincere, committed seekers. Immense unconditional love!
Written by:
Shanu Goyal