Transform Yourself

After the person receives healing, some shift occurs, some doors open, according to the highest good of that person. Light starts entering thus removing the blockages which were more mental less physical. Gradually the overall well-being improves.

In this state, one makes a conscious choice to stay on the path or to leave it after getting healed. Mostly, people who get healed themselves are the ones who now have a desire to begin their inner transformation. They just want to stay on the path so that they don’t go back to square one again. It requires a lot of courage to meet the warrior within us. A warrior never fails to fight back. We help such seekers to walk forward with confidence and faith in higher forces.

Transformation necessarily means a spiritual metamorphosis where you need to let go off parts of yourself and your life that are no longer of service. It is not easy to let go off something which you’ve embraced years together.

  • Tears well up in your eyes without reason.
  • You can’t contain your emotions.
  • You laugh uncontrollably.

Transformational tools & Practices

No one can tell looking at the ugly caterpillar that it would transform into a beautiful butterfly. Such a transformation needs courage. Courage, to shed your present ‘’self’’ and metamorphose into something what looks like an entirely different Being. It is more of a rebirthing process which isn’t easy. It requires discipline, it requires courage, it requires will power, it requires a complete control over your senses so that nothing could tempt you anymore. This is the power of the Transformational tools and practices, simple yet powerful, if made a part and parcel of one’s life.

At Reiki and Tarot Center, we offer an extremely powerful, uplifting and transformational program- RENDEZVOUS WITH SELF. This program is a DISTANT one and can be done from the comfort of one’s home. A relatively slow paced program will help you gradually shed your emotional pain, phobias, anxiety, traumas. It will work on the cellular level. If you want to know more about it, kindly Whatsapp or send me an email.