Mokshapata Readings

Mokshapata is a Vedic Divination tool and gives intense understanding of the Soul journey and Karmas on the path to Reality.

Our sages used this knowledge to teach Spiritual Values to their disciples. A board is called the “Pata,” which stands for knowledge of moral and spiritual teaching. These teachings are related to the theory of karma. There are 72 numbered squares on the board displaying various virtues, vices, states of consciousness, and existential planes. The ladders are found in the boxes of virtues, while arrows or snakes are found in the boxes of vices. There are pointers for each square. Initially, there were 250 boxes, but the modern age board has been reduced to 72 boxes. There are snakes and ladders, which might remind you of the snakes and ladders game, but this is not the game. Mokshapata is such an interesting modality and deals with the complete evolution of the soul, its learnings, the different patterns, and your life’s primary purpose. It shows that we need to learn from our actions, and there is a need to improve our actions.

Some powerful mantras and remedies help us in fixing the different issues in our lives. There is a dice. When we throw the dice, it shows that we have created an action, which otherwise is called a karma. The subject tells us why we suffer, the causes of our suffering, and how we can overcome them or at least. reduce its intensity.