Distant Trainings

For the outstation people who are working and couldn’t manage to come for long duration at our center, we have programs that are through the audio sessions which are pre-recorded. These sessions contain commentaries, meditations and also sometimes ways and means to fix up day to day problems through spiritual disciplines. The remedial measures, tools and techniques all have an in-depth explanation, background information, step by step implementation, all at a slow pace. All guidance and support is given, all queries solved.

Ceremonies and Rituals are universal human predispositions and paradoxically are also culturally specific communal practices that are expressed in a localized way. Ceremonies and Rituals return us to the center of who we are. In times of transition, loss, disconnection, and loneliness, ritual offers transformative power. It can provide a language for expression, stability, serve an integrating force in community, mediate tradition, and offer emotional support. 

Rituals and ceremonies may have religious or civic roots, but either form can express sacred meaning. They often mark important events in the life of the community, but they also carry individual meaning through personal interpretation.

We perform ceremonies to mark important events and celebrate holidays—yet our modern approach to ceremony only scratches the surface of its true potential. Shaman, Sandra Ingermansays,“By performing ceremonies, you will find yourself stepping into a beautiful and creative power you might never have imagined.” Ceremonies requires one to step into a scared space leaving behind the mundane and they thus act as a focal point for any healing work that is regarded as sacred. These ceremonies often require invoking the creative energy of the Divine, spirit allies, elemental spirits, ancestor spirits and spirit of the directions too. There s so much that comes into play once we enter a sacred space by honoring all our spirit allies. Creative energies come into play as there are no hard and fast rules to perform ceremonies as your intention and an open heart are the biggest tools that you need.

Ceremonies include some sacred transitions - weddings, births, rites of passage to adulthood, funerals, honorable closure, and new beginnings. All these ceremonies could be created with love and with the help of the Beings of light. Ceremonies for energetic balance—healing and blessing, resolving sacred contracts, getting rid of limiting beliefs, creating Prayer Trees are very beautiful ones that also give amazing results. At our Center, we have performed many of such ceremonies and now these are being offered through a distance too.

We can also infuse our entire life with ceremonial and ritual practice from renovating our home or office, to helping heal our planet, to send loving energies to Mother Earth.