Distant Intensive Learnings

For the outstation people who are working and couldn’t manage to come for long duration at our center, we have programs that are through the audio sessions which are pre-recorded. These sessions contain commentaries, meditations and also sometimes ways and means to fix up day to day problems through spiritual disciplines. The remedial measures, tools and techniques all have an in-depth explanation, background information, step by step implementation, all at a slow pace. All guidance and support is given, all queries solved.

These sessions have so much of the information which is not possible to be given in a one day workshop. Also, people learn through one-on-one programs and go back home but do not internalize the conceptual knowledge. Therefore, these audio sessions are very handy and a person can come back to these learnings as and when required from the comfort of the home. These are better than the online sessions in a way that these doesn’t have any constraint of time and network connection.

Lots of programs, meditations, ceremonies and rituals are thus being offered through these audio sessions.


It was way back in July 2015 that the Beings of Light communicated with me and guided me to conduct sessions on Universal Love through the program: "Connecting to Universal Love". Universal love, which is pure Light, is what they want to spread all around. 'Connecting to Universal Love' is for all those who are having difficulty to forgive those who have hurt them in one way or the other. This is for all those who are passing through a turbulent relationship. This is for all those who want to open their most sacred space, HEART. This is for all those who want to achieve 'that' blissful state.

Apparently, there might be several problems but the underlying cause is only one - disconnection with the Source, disconnection with the Universal LOVE. The duration of the program is 3 weeks. It is an offline program. Specific time is given to you when l do the transmissions which too are offline. I will guide you on how to go about it. Each week you need to absorb one step fully. There are 3 steps where the last one is towards self healing. The program is quite an easy one still your commitment should be of high degree. If you are travelling, then too you can remain connected just that you need to be aware of what is told.


It requires months and sometime years to bring forth something which is based on pure experience, observation and self-learning.Yes, this is one such program which is helpful for all those who are trying to know the "WHATs, WHYs and HOWs". This is a 4 -STEP DISTANT PROGRAM to know SELF and to meet the warrior within.

Have you spent time with yourself? How does it feel to be with your real self who isn't wearing any mask? Great!!! I know. But have you ever made a sincere effort to know yourself? This program gives you this opportunity....

This program will help you know yourself. Who you actually are? Where you belong to?Very simple yet powerful! Knowing 'self' is very important. We are not here to prove something to this world. We are not here to follow others blindly. We are not here to live someone else's life according to their preconceived notions.Our purpose here on this Earth is to know ourselves, to know our soul purpose and to align ourselves with that purpose. After talking to so many people who come to me, I've found that either they are completely unaware of 'SELF' or they are blindly doing whatever others want them to do.Sometimes just to please others and sometimes to please themselves. But they aren't happy doing whatever they are doing. Inside they somewhere are killing a part of themselves which is so UNIQUE.


“Only those who believe in magic can decipher the most mystical aspects of life and unravel the secrets of the universe.”

One such aspect of the universe that we live in is the 'Angelic Realm'. Yes, you read that right. There exists Angels a whole lot of them, led and guided by the Archangels. These angels are your guiding light and are helping you on every step to evolve as a being and be aligned with your soul path. This program will help you connect with the magical realm of Angels and Archangels. This program will focus on:

  • Connection with Angels through attunements.
  • Raising the frequency to a level where it is easier for every participant to connect to these Angelic Beings.
  • Helping each participant to communicate with these beings of light in different ways, AUTOMATIC WRITING being one of them.
  • Helping you learn methods of protection so that you can safely communicate. To remove all your doubts and fears which are biggest hurdles in any spiritual work.
  • Helping you heal your energy body and meridians ( SELF HEALING)
  • Helping others heal( DISTANT HEALING FOR OTHERS)
  • Angel healing can be practised after this program PROVIDED you sincerely do all the steps and make an earnest effort to progress. After this course, it's up to remain consistent in your practice. Experiment, help yourself, help others.


Guided meditations are led by an experienced meditation teacher, either in person, over a live broadcast, or via pre-recorded audio or video. While guided meditations can be utilized by both new and experienced meditators, those new to the meditation practice may find the extra guidance provided by an instructor especially helpful.

Meditation is a practice that leads to increased mindfulness (result). The more consistent your meditation practice, the more mindful you can become in every aspect of your life, from home to work to relationships.All guided meditations typically introduce listeners to a meditation technique as well as provide information or instruction on:

  • How to begin to settle your mind and body for the meditation
  • How to position your body during the meditation
  • How to better relate to and understand your thoughts and emotions
  • How to incorporate meditation techniques into your everyday life
  • There are many different types of guided meditations to choose from and your preferences may vary depending on your emotions, the time of day, and your meditation goals.


Guided meditation journeys are a means of experiencing some of the benefits of shamanic journeying without the full experience of working with a traditional shaman and can be utilized by anyone. I’ve found that the messages and healing that can occur with guided journeys are quite useful and powerful. In my meditation journeys, I use guided journeys and energy healing to support people to make the changes they desire and move further along their path of self discovery and empowerment.

Enjoying the benefits of a guided journey requires the intention to journey and receive, use of your imagination as an entry point into the journey, curiosity about the experience, and openness to seeing what comes up for you.

Go ahead and use your imagination as you listen along to the guidance and trust that doing so is the pathway for a deeper experience to show up. Sometimes people worry that if they are using their imagination, the experience isn’t real. Fully using your imagination as you begin the journey is the best way to have a rich experience when you first start doing guided journey.Be curious. Journeys often bring surprising and often unreal experiences. You may find that even as you are being guided on the journey, additional things will show up for you. And part of the guidance will often include prompts for experiences unique to you.

Journeys are a means of shifting into non-ordinary reality (the spirit world/alternate dimension). They are meant to bring you into direct interaction with energy and spirit guides. You might think of it as your soul traveling to an alternative spiritual reality where you can meet other souls and manifestations of energy. If you prefer a psychological explanation, you can think of it as a means of overriding the logical mind and letting yourself explore your subconscious.

You will find that these guided journeys can be a powerful addition to your journey of self discovery and healing. You may find that if you make use of guided journeys, overtime you will begin to experience journeys on your own. You may find yourself being drawn to exploring shamanism at a deeper level.here are several meditation journeys available with us specifically designed to help you through your spiritual journey.